March 5, 2020 Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors Additional Meeting Materials

Agenda Item 5 ~ Draft February 6, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Agenda Item 6 ~ Financial & Expenditures Reports

Agenda Item 7a ~ Self-Funding Report

Agenda Item 7b ~ Operations & Maintenance Report

Agenda Item 7c ~ Science Program Report

Agenda Item 7d ~ Activity Agreements Report

Agenda Item 8 ~ Resolution Recognizing the Service and Contributions of Frances Mizuno

Agenda Item 9 ~ Material Related to Staff Recommendations for Positions on H.R. 5752 (Costa), Conveyance Capacity Correction Act, and Draft S.__                                                 (Feinstein), Restoration of Essential Conveyance Act.

Agenda Item 10 ~ Material Related to Execution of Agreement with State Water Contractors and Expenditure of up to $25,000 from the FY21 Technical                                              Budget to Jointly Fund Technical Science Support for CSAMP Delta Smelt Structured Decision Making

Agenda Item 11 ~ Resolution Adopting Justification for Single Source Procurement for Technical Services to Provide IRWM, SGMA, and Miscellaneous                                                Engineering Support and Authorizing Execution of Consultant Services Agreement and Task Order with Provost & Pritchard Consulting                                        Group, Inc.

Agenda Item 14 ~ Selection/Appointment of FY21 San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority Board Officers Memo

Agenda Item 15 ~ Material Related to Strategic Plan Implementation Progress

Agenda Item 17 ~ Material Related to National Environmental Policy Act Regulations

Agenda Item 21 ~ Water Operations and Forecasts Report

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