Water Transfers

Long Term Water Transfers Environmental Impact Statement / Environmental Impact Report documentation can be found below. Please refer to the Section Index to locate the appropriate document for download in the documents list below.

Sections Index

Long-term Water Transfers EIS-EIR
Response to Comments
Appendix A – Alternatives Development Report
Appendix B – Background
Appendix C – Water Operations Assessment
Appendix D – Groundwater Model Documentation
Appendix E – Delta Conditions Assessment
Appendix F – Groundwater Existing Conditions
Appendix G – Groundwater Modeling Results
Appendix H – SACFEM2013 Manual
Appendix I – Air Quality Emission Calculations
Appendix J – Climate Change Analysis Emission Calculations
Appendix K – Climate Change Technical Appendix
Appendix L – Regulatory Setting
Appendix M – Natural Communities Descriptions
Appendix N – Special-Status Animals and Plants with Potential to Occur in the Area of Analysis
Appendix O – Evaluation and Average Monthly Flows Using the Groundwater Model for Smaller Streams
Appendix P – Methods for Assessing Impacts on Natural Communities and Special-Status Plants and Wildlife
Appendix Q – Revisions to 2014 Draft EIS/EIR, RDEIR/SDEIS, and 2019 Final EIS/EIR
Appendix R – Comments and Responses on the 2014 Draft EIS/EIR
Appendix S – Comments and Responses on the RDEIR/SDEIS
Appendix T – Comment Letters on the 2014 Draft EIS/EIR
Appendix U – Comment Letters on the 2019 RDEIR/SDEIS
Appendix V – Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Plan
Appendix W – Index
Appendix X – Distribution List