May 14, 2020 Special Telephonic Meeting of the Board of Directors Additional Meeting Materials

Agenda Item 4 ~ Draft April 9, 2020 and April 22, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Agenda Item 5 ~ Financial & Expenditures Reports

Agenda Item 6 ~ Treasurer’s Report for the Quarter Ending 3/31/2020

Agenda Item 7a ~ O&M Budget to Actual

Agenda Item 7b ~ Operations & Maintenance Report

Agenda Item 7c ~ Science Program

Agenda Item 7d ~ Activity Agreements Report

Agenda Item 7e ~ Procurement Activity for 4/9/20 – 4/30/20

Agenda Item 8 ~ Resolution Regarding Authorization to Executive Single Contract with NetSuite for Purchase of Business Software Solutions, Authorize Expenditure of up to $220,830 from FY21 O&M Budget

Agenda Item 9 ~ Resolution Regarding Execution of Use Agreement between the U.S.A. and the SLDMWA for Use of the San Luis Drain for the Grassland Basin Long-Term Storm Water Management Plan

Agenda Item 10 – Material Related to Support Position on Legislation: H.R. (Schneider) – Supporting State and Local Leaders Act

Agenda Items 11 & 12 ~ Material Related to B.F. Sisk Dam Raise Project

Agenda Item 13 ~ Material Related to Bylaws for SLDMWA

Agenda Item 15 ~ Executive Director’s Report

Agenda Item 17 ~ Update on Water Operations and Forecasts

Agenda Item 18a ~ Water Resources Committee Activities

Agenda Item 18b ~ Finance & Administration Committee Activities

Agenda Item 19b ~ Family Farm Alliance Update

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