April 3, 2023 Finance & Administration Committee Regular Meeting, and Joint Special Workshop of the Finance & Administration Committee, Board of Directors, and Water Resources Committee -Additional Materials

Agenda Item 4 ~ Draft March 6, 2023 Meeting Minutes, and March 13, 2023 Special Workshop Minutes

Agenda Item 5 ~ Material Related to Ratifying Purchase of Front Loader and Related Expenditure of $217,662 from FY24 EO&M Budget

Agenda Item 6 ~ Material Related to Authorization of Purchase of Dump Truck and Related Expenditures of Up to $230,000 from EO&M Budgets

Agenda Item 7 ~ Material Related to Approval of Second Adjustment to Water Year 2023 OM&R Water Rates

Agenda Item 9 ~ FY23 Activity Agreements Budget to Actual Report

Agenda Item 10 ~ FY23 O&M Budget to Actual Report 

Agenda Item 11 ~ Procurement Activity Report

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