September 17, 2020 Telephonic Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors Additional Meeting Materials

Agenda Item 4 ~ August 6, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Agenda Item 5 ~ Financial & Expenditures Reports

Agenda Item 6a ~ O&M Budget to Actual

Agenda Item 6b ~ Operations & Maintenance Report

Agenda Item 6c ~ Science Program 

Agenda Item 6d ~ Activity Agreements Report

Agenda Item 6e ~ Procurement Report

Agenda Item 7 ~ Material Related to Issuance of Revenue Bonds to Finance a Portion of the Cost of Extraordinary Maintenance to the Jones Pumping Plant, Authorizing the Execution of Certain Documents, and Authorizing Certain Other Actions in Connection Therewith

Agenda Item 8 ~ Material Related to Withdrawal from the San Joaquin Valley Water Infrastructure Authority

Agenda Item 9 ~ Material Related to Staff Recommendation for Positions on Legislation

Agenda Item 10 ~ Material Related to Authorizing Execution of Amendment 6 to the Agreement for the Supply and Conveyance of Water by the Department of Water Resources of the State of California to the San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority under the Dry Year Water Purchase Program SWPAO No. 20-803, Making Determinations Related to the California Environmental Quality Act, and Authorizing Actions Related Thereto

Agenda Item 11 ~ Material Related to Authorizing Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion Project Activity Agreement Expenditure of up to $675,774 in FY21 to Fund Amendment No. 2 to the Cost Share Agreement for Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion Project Planning

Agenda Item 15 ~ Update on Water Operations and Forecasts

Agenda Item 16a ~ Water Resources Committee Activities

Agenda Item 16b ~ Finance & Administration Committee Activities

Agenda Item 17b ~ Family Farm Alliance Update

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