March 2019 Board of Directors Meeting

Additional Meeting Materials for March 2019 Board of Directors Meeting.

Agenda Item Five (A) (Approved Board Workshop Minutes – 2/1/19)

Agenda Item Five (B) (Approved Board Meeting Minutes – 2/7/19)

Agenda Item Six (Financials)

Agenda Item Seven (A)  (Memo on Self-funding)

Agenda Item Seven (B) (February O&M Report)

Agenda Item Seven (D) (February (IRWM Activities Report)

Agenda Item Seven (E) (February SGMA Activities Report)

Agenda Item Seven (F) (February Drainage Activities Report)

Agenda Item Eight (Memo on Debt Management Resolution)

Agenda Item Nine (Memo on Short-term Loan Resolution)

Agenda Item Ten (Memo on Revised WY2019 Rates)

Agenda Item Eleven (Memo on Engaging New External Auditor)

Agenda Item Twelve (Resolution on Sole Source for Rewind Project)

Agenda Items Thirteen & Fourteen (Memo on Restated 2019 Agreement)

Agenda Item Fifteen (Memo on Draft IRWM Activity Agreement)

Agenda Item Twenty Three (Memo on March Water Operations)

Complete Board Packet

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